PKiN without barriers

PKiN without barriers


PKiN takes responsibility and cares for all people visiting it. We strive for making PKiN premises as much accessible to everybody as possible in terms of functionality, architecture and formal requirements.
We know that not all places are easily accessible yet, however we are doing our best to make every visit convenient for every visitor.


You can reach PKiN by car (paid parking) and city transport (buses, trams, subway).

There are stairs from the side of Marszałkowska Street. On their left, there is a lift with automatic door – pressing the button at a given floor will open the door. Similarly, just press the floor button to go to the respective levels. The lift can carry up to 600 kg. The floor is 108×138 cm. The cabin is equipped with audible information system and signs for the blind. In the main lobby of PKiN building, there is a stair lift running up/down the stairs. The lift platform is 120×100 cm.  The system also features a folding chair mounted to the side – it can carry up to 300 kg. The guides of the lifting system can be used as handrails when walking the stairs. The elevator zone can be reached directly from the street level, as well – go across the inner courtyard accessible from Emilii Plater Street.

There are also disabled access bathrooms in the elevator zone on level 1 (below the main lobby).

A detailed description of all accessible areas in PKiN can be found at www.niepelnosprawnik.pl.

If you need other assistance, please contact the respective tenants or PKiN staff by calling at: 22,656 76 00 or writing to: zarzad@pkin.pl. Please let us know your needs in advance, so we are able to prepare well for your visit.
Our staff is trained on assisting people with various disabilities and we are there to help you whenever you need it.

Parking facilities around PKiN feature cash points which can be used easily by physically challenged people on wheelchairs. The cash points can be found near Studio Theatre and are marked clearly. Other parking cash points are equipped with an extra button placed at a wheelchair accessible level to call the parking staff for assistance. All parking devices (entry ticket printers, automated cash points, exit gates) have intercoms that can be used to quickly reach the parking staff. The staff is trained on assisting users of the parking facilities and equipment. Physically challenged people can make payments also at the Parking Technical Support Office which is located by the exit towards  Marszałkowska Street, without the need to approach automatic cash points at all. The parking facilities are open 24/7. The parking spaces dedicated to the disabled are located at the shortest distance from entrances and marked appropriately.

Wheelchair user guidelines – how to move around PKiN using a wheelchair

Enter PKiN from Marszałkowska Street, or from  Emilii Plater Street via the inner courtyard.

From the side of  Marszałkowska Street, on the left of the main stairs behind Mickiewicz monument, there is a lift which can be used to reach the lobby.

From there, use a staircase lift on the left side of the main lobby to reach the elevator zone.

If you need assistance or have any questions about the lift, please ask the guards in the lobby.

From the elevator zone, use elevators to reach any PKiN floor. For the room used by the Council of Warsaw choose the 4th floor, and the 20th floor for the Office of the Council.

Use signs and posted information to get around the 4th floor and reach the Warsaw Hall. You will need to go through the Gagarin Hall and use the stairs to reach the Warsaw Hall – please request the guards for assistance, because the Gagarin Hall is lower than the level of the 4th floor.

The stairs are equipped with a moving belt for manual and powered wheelchairs. The belt cannot be operated by a wheelchair user and requires special assistance.

The Warsaw Hall is at the same level as the Gagarin Hall – once there use the entrance located on the right side. The staff of the Warsaw Council will show you where you can take a seat.

From the side of Emilii Plater Street use one of the gates on either sides of the Congress Hall to reach the inner courtyard. If having trouble finding the right way, please ask the guards for assistance – they stand by the gates. From the inner courtyard use entrances that lead directly to the main elevator zone and use the elevators to reach offices and meeting rooms of the Council of Warsaw (see points 4-7 above).

In case of any issues with locating the route or using the equipment, please contact the PKiN Security Service by calling at: 22 656 73 33.